Saturday, December 4, 2010

Summary Post C4K Comments Nov and Dec

Blog in wordle

C4K #8- I had to post a comment on Grace's blog. She is in 3rd grade and that week she had earn her new blog and had just created it. She was telling us how excited she was about it and how she achieved it.

C4K #9- I was assigned to comment on Alice's blog, but the link didn't work so I chose a different student but I cannot remember who. :(

C4K #10- I had to comment on "Pennsylvania Skype" which was about how the students used Skype to talk to other classrooms around the world. This Skype session was about a class learning the 50 States and they came up with hand movements. They were teaching it to another class through Skype.

C4K #11- I posted a comment on Dairon's blog with was about "The Great Pumpkin Project". In the post the students describe what they had to do, and how fun it was. While posting my comment I told him that hands on projects are always fun and interesting, and I asked the student what he thought about having more project like these in different classes.

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