Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog #3

After watching the movie of Michael Wesch- a vision of Students Today, I was surprised to see the student’s reactions. At the beginning you see students showing notes saying how they are in large classes, few teachers know their names, books are expensive, and how students pay for school but do not show up to class. And then as the movie goes on you see what each student does, for example how many hours they listen to music, watch TV or sleep…etc. Then towards the end students gives facts about how they are lucky to be in college, because so many people are able to pay for an education. And at the end you realize that maybe the only solution to our problem is technology.
This movie does cover a portion of my college experiences, there wasn’t a time were I told myself that what I am studying now would not exist when I’m done studying. I’m also aware that I am very lucky to be where I am today and being able to have high level of education.
If I were the producer of this movie I would also include that technology is a good resource and may solve a lot of problems, but I personally believe that it’s not the only possible way to solve our problems. We tend to rely on technology too much and we forget about all the great books that have been published with great sources and solutions.

Link to Mrs. Hines Post

Having read, “It’s Not about the Technology” by Kelly W. Hines” it makes you think about the future and where we are going. I really liked the way she started her post by saying “I am sitting here at my laptop, occasionally watching my Skype and Tweetdeck…” This makes me smile because this is exactly what I do when I get on my laptop; I log on and check if I have any notifications or new emails on facebook or hotmail.
I agree when she asks “what will our children need to know and able to do?” and a lot of people think about technology, well I don’t think it is the most important thing in life. As we go on more and more people are on their facebook, ipods and phone and do not have a real social life, it’s all based on technology. Technology is not the first thing we need in a classroom, there are other more important things that come first.
Teachers today should be willing to learn, they should be up to date. Educators should know about their students- what they are doing and where are they coming from. If teachers decide to use technology they must be trained and know what they are doing otherwise it is a waste of money.
I personally believe that students should be balanced between learning through technology and books.

Link to Karl Fisch's blog

After reading Karl Fisch's blog, I totally agree with him, when he said, “All educator must achieve a basic level of technological capability.” Today nearly everything involves technology and I think it’s important to have a basic knowledge on how to use the equipments.
It made me smile when I read the part where he says, that parents often said that “they were not good at math, and this is why their children are not good”. I remember my mother saying it to me when I had a hard time trying to solve a math problem.
I agree with Karl Fisch, that teachers can still be successful even thought they don’t know much about technology, but it’s getting harder and harder because now companies and schools are looking for people with good qualifications that can use technology fairly well. I think teachers should always be willing to learn new things and be open minded about it.

Link to Gary Hayes: Social Media Count

It put a smile on my face when I clicked on the link of Gary Hayes- Social Media Count. Not all of us realizes how much time we spend “wasting” on the Internet, we could be much more productive if those blogs, facebook, phones…etc didn’t not exist. We would not be distracted to see who’s online or who sent you a message. However on the other hand I do realize that we rely a lot on technology, a lot of people would not be able to “survive” without their phones or checking their twitter account.
As a future teacher I do worry a little, and wonder if teachers will be needed in the future as nearly everything can be done through technology. Maybe in the future students will be able to stay at home and to their schoolwork online, therefore fewer teachers are needed. We need to be careful with technology as it may help us a lot but eliminate a lot of valuable things.


  1. What questions does Dr. Wesch's movie raise for us about the way techers and colleges organize and deliver instruction?

    What do you think are the best possible tools for learning. Make a list. You choose from your list and equip your school. I'll do the same. Then we'll describe the tools in use by a typical class in Mobile or Baldwin counties. On the basis of tools alone (we both agree the staff does matter), choose the school for your children/grandchildren. to attend. Then ask yourself how important the best tools are.

    Soon you will read an article about a year long algebra course being tested in California that is entirely delivered on an iPad. We may be closer to a teacherless future than you think. Or at least want to think!

  2. I agree with you about a few things. I also think teachers must be up to date with their technological capabilities. How would anyone expect a teacher to teach if she can not even understand the technology she is using. In my opinion, all teachers need at least a basic level of technological knowledge.

    Also, when it comes to your post on The Visions of Students Today blog, I completely agree. We are all lucky to be where we are right now. Not all people can afford a good education, and we should not take it for granted.

  3. I agree with you on a few key points, especially about teaching needing to be able to use the technology. If they can't even use the technology to teach their student's, how do you think the student's are going to react. All teacher's need to be able to at least use the basics of technology. I also love the fact that you incorporated the some of the video's into your blog, especially for those people who would never think they existed! I truly enjoyed reading your blog!