Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blog #5

Listening to the presentation -Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog- about the Romans, reminded me that they are a big part of our history.
The Romans invented architecture, and they built buildings to worship their Gods.
In the ancient world people were a little strange. The Romans liked to watch people die; it seemed to be a game for them. They had gladiators who were slaves, trained to fight.
Then came Julius Caesar who was a wise leader of Rome. He won many battle and the people trusted him a lot.
Also in Egypt was the beautiful Cleopatra who was the queen. Many people think she is Egyptian but she is actually Greek. She was known for her beauty, charm and intelligence.

After watching this presentation, I had the idea for using music in the background so there will not be any silent parts, and it will keep the listeners interested.

Watching the video The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom I learned a lot about podcasting and how it works. It is very beneficial as it may be used/listened anywhere in reach of a computer.
Podcasting allow for differentiation in the classroom. It focuses on higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, creativity and innovation.
Podcasting is a different way of learning and this excites the students, and it allows them to teach concepts to others.
After interviewing some students they think that podcasting is interesting and exciting, as it allows them to be creative and act.
Even the principal thinks it is an effective tool if it’s used appropriately, and it’s also an opportunity for parents to communicate and see what is happening in class.

This podcast was very interesting and gave me further ideas for my podcast; they used pictures, music and interviewed people. So there was a lot of variation and it kept the listeners interested and focused.

After reading, Judy Scharf Podcast Collection now I have a better understanding of its purpose.
I realized that podcasting takes time, it’s not something you can do if few minutes. This is why if you want to succeed you must give plenty of time to your students to accomplish their tasks. Also give the students various topics so they can be free to choose and be creative.
The link provided is very helpful if you are a first time user. It explains you exactly what to do and it gets you started so you are not completely lost.

This is very helpful as it will help me manipulate my podcast the way I like it and now I have basic knowledge on how to edit things such as background noise.

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  1. Excellent post Elo!

    Podcasting is a great teaching tool and it is so versatile. As you said, you had the idea to add music in the background which in some cases is a good idea. In other situations maybe not but you always have the option. This is what I like about podcasting and like activities because they give the teacher (coach) almost limitless options to mold the learning experience. And most of all the students love these types of interactive activities.

    Your blog looks good. Keep up the good work. SS