Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summary Post CAT Teacher #1

I was assign to read and comment on Morgan Bayda's blog. In the first blog – Pictures and Projects- she talks about her volunteering work and what she was doing. Ms. Bayda also talks about how fulfilling it is to be able to participate in different project that brings happiness, and health to a community. She also mentions all the things she was able to do such as, plant, grow, build, harvest, and teach and much more. One thing she wrote that I really enjoyed was “Work hard, play hard and keep your eyes wide open the whole time!”

In the second blog I read- Tranquillo, she talks about her experiences in Costa Rica. She tells the readers how it’s wonderful being able to eat natural fruits from trees. And she also tells us how amazing it is to be in a peaceful and natural environment. Morgan Bayda also talks about her experiences at night when she comes across surprising big, harmless bugs, and how it differs from home.

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