Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog #10

Picture of a college lecture hall

After reading Morgan Bayda’s post and watching Dan Brown’s video it made me think about my freshman year when I used to have big lecture classes. I did find it challenging trying to keep focus for an hour or more. The lecture classes were easy to get distracted and to use your laptop or phone to go on Internet and play, or do other work. I would also have to agree with Dan Brown when he said that we waste money buying textbooks for these types of classes as we hardly ever use them, and most of the information and be found online. I also think he made a very good point when he pointed out that when it comes to examinations, we learn/memorize the facts and spill it all out, and then a few months later we forgot all about it.
Then as the years went buy and I started taking my major classes, the number of students in a class decreased and the professor was actually addressing us by names and we were able to have discussions and interact with one another. Like Morgan Bayda says “ I compare this to my Ed Computer class, where I am encouraged constantly to collaborate in multiple ways with my classmates and other widespread members of my PLN through blogging, Twitter, videos, photos, the sharing of articles, and through our class Nig site. This kind of learning is actually relevant to me, and it has already improved the way I research and communicate about various topics.” When have class discussion you grasp more knowledge and understanding, as you are able to discuss and debate and hear arguments you didn’t think of before. I also feel much more comfortable asking questions to the teacher in a smaller classroom than a big lecture class.
However I do not totally agree with Dan Brown, for his reason to drop out of college. He maybe does not yet realize that a lot of people will stay old school meaning, they will ask for a University Certificate or some kind of degree before hiring a person; and Dan Brown will not have one. What is going to happen to him? When we’re young we often want to rebel and think we can do better and make a change, but we must not forget that some people will never change and some things are going to stay the same, for example; going to school to get an education and then going to college getting a certificate and then getting a job. Usually people who drop out do not tend to achieve much in life. We should remember that life is not always easy, we need to work hard to succeed.

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  1. Elo! Great job with your post! I agree with you, in that big lecture classes aren't the best to learn in. Obviously it's nice to get to know your teacher better and be more involved in the classroom. I also don't think Dan should've dropped out of school. A college degree is still very important. Keep it up!