Friday, October 1, 2010

Summary Post C4K Comments 1 and 2

On my first C4K blog I had the option to comment on a blog- About Me or a Manifesto. After reading all the instructions, I was assigned to go to Valeries blog and see her posts.
I decided to comment about the student's Manifesto because I personally believed he/she had very good goals to become a better student. I believe that setting up goals at the beginning of the year is a very good idea as you set targets to end up achieving them. Looking back at his/her Manifesto, it will remind Valeries what he/she has to do to improve.

I was also assigned to go back to the same students’ blog and comment on the “About Me” post; however the student I was assigned to did not post a blog. I had to email my teacher and inform him about it, and I was instructed to comment on another student’s blog. I chose to comment on Trystan F’s blog.
This student seems to be a very happy person who is well surrounded and gets along with his/her family. Trystan F has some very good strength, which includes being respectful and helpful to others. I believe that this will take this student very far in life and will help him/her succeed.

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