Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog #8

Richard Miller: This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2.
This video talked about how technology is changing our way of writing. Before the invention of technology people used to write on paper and do their research in libraries. Now it’s becoming less and less common, as we are using technology more and more. As Dr. Miller mentioned in the first video, when he does research he uses Internet and finds everything online and can write his article on Google Docs.

Technology wasn’t a big part of my life until I moved to East Africa in 2000. This was the first time I actually really had hands on a computer and learned now to navigate it. During my Computer classes I was required to use Word, Excel, Access, Power Point for all the assignment that were due. I also had to be able to use the Internet and create a website. After my years in East Africa I was prepared to use Technology pretty well.

I believe that my students will definitely be able to use multimedia. Today, children know how to manipulate technology better than their own parents. They are growing up in this technology world and are upgrading as time goes on. They will have no problem using multimedia.

The Chippper Series
This video reminds me of how a lot of students think about EDM 310 and how they feel like we should meet as a class instead of doing all the work on our own. However while watching this video, Chipper reminded me of myself in some parts. Sometimes I just want to procrastinate and not do my work or do it late, but I soon realized that it’s not going to get my very far. Chipper had to try out several jobs and go through many experiences before realizing that dropping out of school was maybe not the best thing.
Even if it’s challenging sometimes to do all the work alone I realized that I learned a lot on my own, and maybe if we had to meet every week I would rely on my peers and not learn as much.

EDM for Dummies
This video was created my Jamie Lynn, and it shows you that you’re not the only one who goes crazy in EDM 310. It’s a normal reaction. However you learnt that purchasing the book “EDM 310 for Dummies” can help you understand how everything works.
The message here is that students should be afraid of asking for help. The lab assistants are here for us.

In the two articles we were assigned to read it critiqued the smartboards saying; how it only kept the students entertained for an hour, how it was a waste of money and how you could use other tools such as a projector instead of a smartboard.
I think that a smart board can be very useful and you can make your students learn very effectively and get them involved. A smartboard provides colored images and writing with different effects making it look more interesting.
Here is a video that is in favor of using the smartboard and how it is an effective tool for the classroom.

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  1. Hey Eloise,
    I also feel that children are better at figuring out technology nowadays than their own parents. It is no doubt that as time progresses they will go very far with the help of educated teachers. I really liked the video of the smartboard. It showed just how creative and fun it can be. You did a great job. Keep up the good work!