Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog #6

Watching The Network Student video, made me think about what will happen to schools in the future. It really makes you think about your future as a teacher and how things might be very different from what we are expecting. I am also asking myself questions such as, how will the special needs students be able to work with networking? Who will teach them how to work it?
After watching and listening to this video it is clear that teachers will still be needed as they are the ones who will teach them how to create the network. They are also going to be here for guidance; the teachers will show/teach the students how to communicate properly; how to differentiate good information from propaganda; how to organize their information, and much more.
There is much more to networking than what most people think. Students are able to network with other students and share information and help each other out. The scholars can record courses and lectures on their MP3s and listen to it when they have a chance. They can also videoconferences and have discussions with their networking friends, and there is also a wide range of connections and each one of them are a new learning opportunity.

Watching A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment (or PLN) was very interesting as you see how it works and which tools to use. This is going to help me navigate the network a bit better, because I often get confused.
So far I cannot compare hers to my PLN as I haven't put it all together. I just have everything I want to put on my project on paper. However as soon as I start putting it all together I will compare our PLNs and see how it differs and how similar it is to mine.

Listening to The Machine is Changing Us by Michael Wesch, I realized how much we are influenced by others, television and YoutTube. He made me realized that we do spend a large amount of time watching TV or on the computer watching things that are not relevant to us, but we are curious and want to know about things. We also tend to copy what we see or do something very similar to things we appreciate. In other words we take a bit of everything that influences us, put it together and that’s who we are today.


  1. Elo,

    Based on your response, can you tell us what elements you are going to try and incorporate into your PLN and how seeing the young students PLN affects what you are going to do for yours?

  2. Elo,
    I do agree with you on The Machine is Changing Us. We as americans watch way to much television and YouTube.I also see where you are coming from in The Network Student. To me we need all the teachers that we can get. Because the children will always need help in what they are doing. As for the PLN I am glad the video helped you. It confused me a little.I am just not sure how to go about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!