Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog #12

After accomplishing several projects and blogs, you have surely learned a lot and most likely used the tools learned in other classes. Write a paragraph or two explaining how you used the knowledge you gain with technology in EDM310 and how you used it in other classes.

EDM 310 made me realize that there is a lot of tools that can be used and facilitate our lives but we are just unaware of it. For example, in my EDF 315 class, I have to do a PowerPoint presentation. Instead of doing it at home and saving it on a flash drive, I did it on my Google account so I was 100% it was going to work and that it was saved properly and I wouldn’t run into any technical problem.
I am also able to take pictures of my screen, without having to go take my camera and take an actual picture. I used it the other day when I was studying for my SPE class, and couldn’t copy paste the picture. I just took a snapshot, saved it and then dragged it into my word document to I could use it.

A cartoon man pointing at a globe full of pictures


  1. Great post.I must agree that I have learned many handy tools from this class.The tools are great for other classes such as the PowerPoint you mention its easily saved and you know its there.I believe this to be a wonderful idea as a blog.When doing this blog post you can see what others have learned and see the views they might have from this course.Enjoyed it nice work..

  2. I really liked your post because I think every one has learned something from this class. I know that out of all 3 years I have been in school I haven't had a class like this where I really learned things that I was going to use day to day. I think that this would be a good blog assignment because this gives every one a chance to express their feelings and ideas.

  3. This is a great idea. I think it could be incorporated as part of a reflection project or simply a reflection blog post. SS