Saturday, November 6, 2010

Summary Post C4K Comments 4-7

Picture a smiley sticker with a 100% next to it

C4K4, I was assigned to comment on Max’s Blog. In his post he talked about how we got help with RuneScape from his cousin. He also talked about how this game was addictive, as you always want to know what happens at the next level.

C4K5, I commented on Marnii’s blog. This student wrote a very interesting post about being Constructive and not Destructive. Then she asked questions about, what would be the best solution to approach a problem.

C4K6, I had to comment on ToriM post but at the time the student had no post, so I commented on another student’s post. However, I went back to ToriM’s blog and saw that she posted something, which was about herself. The student is given a brief introduction about them.

C4K7, Once again the student I was assigned to didn’t post anything so I commented on someone’s blog. As I went back to see Devin’s blog, I realized that he posted something yesterday about “1st Guarter Reflection”. In this post he talks about how he did during the first quarter and what he liked about his teacher.

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