Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog #11

After watching the first video “First Graders in Ms. Cassidy’s Class”, I realized that a lot could be done with technology in classrooms today. Often I tend to think that students will get distracted and not learn as effectively; well I was wrong. The students were able to have Skype conversation with experts and learn a lot.
Through the Skype conversation I realized that it was very useful and efficient for parents to be able to see their children’s work on Internet. They do not have to see it only during interviews.
When using blogs students gain a lot from it, as other people are able to comment on it and give them advices. Through blogs you can meet people throughout the world and this is very interesting for the students.
I also realized that being technology literal is more than just using word processing and spreadsheets. You have to be able to use the Internet and pages such as Twitter. I learned that if you were interested in something such as Photography you could use a site and share your photos and learn from others. This is very interesting and it expands your knowledge. With this they can help you get better and improve your techniques.
To protect the student’s identity they do not include their last name, and they also post positive comments to one another so it doesn’t create fights. It’s all about teaching and what you do on the Internet, Ms. Cassidy says.

In my classroom I hope that I can have Skype conversations with experts so they can teach my students, as they will have much more knowledge on the topic than me. I also think that it’s very efficient to have blogs so that parents can see their child’s work when they want; and it’s easy to post an announcement. However, I want to go teach in a third world country so this might be a challenge.

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  1. It may be even easier abroad. The internet is seen as a key to development and is being made widely available without the restrictions that are in place in the US. You should be prepared to make the most of what you have!

  2. Hey! Great post! I think that it's amazing what students as young as first graders are able to do on their own. Starting children out early-on in technology is great so that they will have even better skills than we have as they get older. After all, children are the future leaders on this planet.

  3. I really think going to another country to help integrate technology and learning is an inspiring idea and you should follow your dreams. I also agree with you that sometimes the students may know more about some technological advances than the teacher but that just means it reciprocates learning and I am sure students will love the fact that they can also teach something.