Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog #13

Screen SnapShot of ALEX homepage

After exploring ALEX, I thought it was a very useful tool for us, future teachers to have ideas of what to do with our students to keep the class fun and interesting. This website helps you narrow things down, and get straight to the point. It also shows you the different ways of approaching a subject matter as we are all different and we learn using different tools.

ALEX is a website that helps teachers with the different areas a teacher must be familiar with such as, Course of Study, Web Links, Lesson Plans, Search, Personal Workplace, Professional Learning, Podcast Treasury and ALEXville. You can click on either ones and follow the instructions given, and it will ask you questions about what you want to obtain and it will narrow the results down and you can click on the one you like and see if it fits what you are looking for.

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